Znode Multifront Receives Recognition From FinancesOnline.com

Znode Finances Online Awards

Znode Multifront has received the Rising Star Award for 2017 and Great User Experience Award in the area of online eCommerce software from FinancesOnline. Znode has also been listed on the site as one of the top 100 eCommerce software products.

The FinancesOnline experts took a close look at Znode Multifront and how the platform can be used by businesses in their eCommerce strategy. The review includes a list of features and functions contained within the platform, as well as an overview of the potential uses and benefits for eCommerce businesses that utilize it.  As stated in their review:

Znode Multifront lets you create tailored websites that are based on the unique characteristics of your brand, products, customers, and more. You can also launch micro-stores to complement or boost your promotional campaigns.

The freedom to customize is one of Znode Multifront’s greatest benefits. Featuring a very flexible .NET open code framework, you and your team of developers can effortlessly tweak and modify the system to better suit your needs and meet your unique business requirements.

According to their experts, Znode Multifront changes the way businesses do eCommerce with an integrated, centralized database that is so powerful and fully loaded that you can manage hundreds of online stores from a single location.

A team of experts from FinancesOnline work to examine hundreds of solutions and we are excited to be selected as one of the leading  eCommerce software solutions . Click here to read the complete review.

FinancesOnline is one of the fastest growing independent review platforms for B2B, SaaS and financial solutions. Their mission is to help business owners find the best solution or product to fit their needs and to provide vendors with an effective way to find potential clients.

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