It’s no surprise with the current demand in online shopping, that the number of ecommerce platforms in the market has dramatically increased in the past few years. What is surprising however is that many software companies offering ecommerce platform integration do not offer a knowledge base – a go-to location with information on their services. 

Yes, many have forums and community message boards, but these are untimely and less-than-accurate alternatives. Users demand access to a central location that offers immediate solutions to any problems or questions they have on a software’s back-end and front-end services.

Committed to raising the bar on customer experience, Znode has officially launched a new Knowledge Base.

“We know how frustrating it can be for users when they have a question, but have nowhere to turn. Even with our 24/7 hotline, we wanted to develop an accessible, easy-to-use document that compiles step-by-step guides and all our latest information into one location,” said Rupesh Agrawal, Chief Executive Officer at Znode.

The Knowledge Base allows users to search any topic about the software and its capabilities, and receive answers instantaneously. They also have access to information on new product releases, a quickstart Administrator Guide, and a go-to Developer Center.

Have a question about Znode? Visit the Knowledge Base, hosted on the site’s main navigation.