How to Best Design an Ecommerce Website for Your Business

Recently, hibu – our parent company – put together some great information on how to effectively setup and build your ecommerce solution. What’s often overlooked during the creation process of an ecommerce website is the sales process. It’s important to take into account all stages of the sales cycle when building and designing your ecommerce solution.

Below are seven suggestions hibu touched on to help make the process easy your customers in the process and improve your businesses chances of success:

  • Storefront: Build a storefront that best displays what products you have on offer to your target market. Ready-made storefronts are available online (as are complete eCommerce packages).
  • Shopping cart: The shopping cart must make it straightforward and easy for customers to pay, with clear information on taxes, packing and transport costs. It should offer a printable receipt option, and send automatic confirmation to the buyer.
  • Online payments: Your customers are likely to want to pay with a debit or credit card. There are a number of ways to arrange this ñ the most popular being opening a merchant account with your bank/credit card company, or using an online payment processor such as Paypal.
  • Fulfilment: For physical goods, you will need to organise delivery packaging and transport yourself, or use a company that provides these services for you. If your business sells products which are downloadable over the internet, secure software and password protection may be necessary.
  • Inventory management: Make sure you never overstock, or run out of a product leaving your company unable to fulfil orders. Inventory software can help you keep on top of your stock levels.
  • After-sales support: Make sure you continue to serve your customers after they have made a purchase by providing ongoing product support. This will enhance your reputation as a company and encourage repeat business.
  • Promotion and marketing: Get the word out. You can use search engine optimisation, pay-per-click advertising, email newsletters and promotions, social media marketing and other means to help customers find your eCommerce store. 

To learn more about setting up an ecommerce solution for your online business view our Multifront Overview section.