headless commerce

Headless Commerce – More Than Just A Theory

Headless commerce allows you to use your eCommerce platform as the foundation of your online set up. You can then build and integrate nearly anything on top of it.

For many, a true set up like this is a theory or is just a fancy buzzword.

For Multifront the concept of headless commerce is built into the core. Our headless engine is wrapped by an API. This gives you the ability to do just about anything.

Why Headless Commerce?headless ecommerce

Instead of being forced to use certain tools or vendors, using a headless commerce architecture allows you to have the freedom to set up your business your way.

One of the best ways to understand the concept is to see it in action. So to help explain, we will create an example business called Maxwell Fine Foods. They are a grocery store that also allows customers to buy their items online. Currently, customers can only have their groceries shipped, but they want to expand into curbside pickup.

To do this, they are going to need to add a new fulfilment solution since their current solution does not have the features that they need. Typically, this kind of change would mean that customer and product information would need to be stored in multiple locations. This makes the update a much larger and daunting task.

Thankfully, when the management of Maxwell Fine Foods set up their site, they set it up using the headless platform of Znode Multifront. Using the API, the developers were able to use the various endpoints to connect the new fulfillment solution to the platform.

Now the product and customer information already in the system is able to flow to the new solution. Maxwell Fine Foods was able to add a new curb side pick up option without having use a lot of resources to update their customers and product information.


The Znode Web API is a set of RESTFUL services. It provides system integrators with the ability to retrieve, modify, create, and delete data that is stored in Multifront. The API enables integrators to take advantage of the rich business logic and rule processing that lives at the core of platform.

Our REST API has over 600 endpoints that allow you to put anything on top of it. Websites, mobile applications, and back office integrations are just some of the options available.

Two of the main components of the REST API are the built-in help system and its caching layer. The built-in help system is important because it clearly lists and defines all requirements for working with any endpoint in the API. The caching layer is completely configurable and greatly increases overall performance and scalability of the Multifront platform.

For more information on how your business can benefit from headless commerce, contact us today to learn more about Znode Multifront.