SEO Series: Content

Our first post in our SEO series focused on keywords, the driving force.  You’ve done your keyword research and know what to do.  But now what?  It’s time to incorporate those keywords into your website content.

Content marketing has two aspects: quantity and quality.  A rookie mistake is writing subpar blog posts with your keywords interspersed.  Of course you want search engines to rank your pages, but you also want the right people to find and link to your pages.  Focus on writing concise, relevant content.  In your blog posts you should thoughtfully incorporate your keywords.  But don’t take this as keywords density (how many times a keyword appears).  Quality content is king.  It will be a process to achieve the quantity, but you’ll improve your SEO as more people link to and search for your content.

You can take your content a step further and optimize it for search engines.  Your pages titles, alt text, and meta descriptions are all important for content optimization.  You can use your keywords in these areas when you’re posting and sharing content.  Practical Ecommerce suggests starting with your title tag because it is the most important.  Why?  Because the title tag is what a user sees in search results.  Make a good first impression!

Just remember the most basic part of this discussion: SEO drives your keywords and keywords drive your SEO.  They go hand in hand.  Use those keywords in your content marketing efforts, which are ongoing.

Think we were done there?  Of course not!  In our next post we’ll discuss the importance of links in SEO.  Missed our first post in the series?  Read it here.