What is Relevant eCommerce?

With eCommerce booming ($1.5 trillion annual sales just for B2C), relevant experiences are crucial to target the right market.  The online experience shapes the way your customers interact with you — it’s the gateway for creating conversions.  Online shoppers demand personalized and engaging eCommerce website experiences.  This is where relevant eCommerce will connect you with your shoppers.

But first — what is relevant in eCommerce today?

Mobile commerce (m-commerce), for one, is a preferred mode of shopping since the advent of tablets and smartphones.  This is not just a fad — it’s a requirement of online shoppers today — 30% of online transactions take place on a mobile device.   If your customers cannot seamlessly engage with your store on a mobile device, you’ve put up a barrier and shopping carts never see the final checkout.

Speed to market is also relevant.  With new trends, changes in the marketplace, and seasonalities, adjusting to the market quickly is crucial.  Your eCommerce system should allow you to launch a new storefront or sell new products online to meet new demands in the marketplace.

Relevance can even pertain to finding a product online.  This means consumers should be able to visit your site and search by product name or attribute versus a SKU.  Faceted search is another layer of this concept: if I am shopping for full sized bedding under $150 I might click ‘bedding,’ followed by ‘under $150,’ followed by ‘full/double.’  I might also look for those products in a search box.  The point is to design your eCommerce system in such a way so consumers can easily find what they’re looking for and don’t leave your site.  Instant gratification.

Relevance also applies to your business role–it’s twofold.  Not everyone can write code and manage IT operations, so your eCommerce solution should be relevant to all roles — marketing, IT, sales, etc.  For example, a marketing manager should have the ability to adjust current promotions or marketing strategies in the back end.

This is not an exhaustive list.  Relevance for your business might pertain to APIs, a central admin, or endless customization options.  Whatever is pertinent to your online business, Znode’s Multifront platform can help your company develop a relevant eCommerce system.