eCommerce Trends: How to Keep Your Site Relevant

eCommerce itself was a trending topic once upon a time, but now it’s all about the latest buzzwords and trends within the eCommerce world. The eight trends/features below will help you convert more customers and keep your site relevant and fresh.

note: these are not ranked in order of importance and this is not an exhaustive list

1. Responsive design.   It’s one of the hottest topics in the eCommerce world because Google now awards responsive sites.  Think of the boost in SEO if you make Google happy!  What’s more, 61% of shoppers will leave a site if it’s not responsive.

2. Abandoned cart management.  59% of consumers agree that reminder notifications are helpful.  The most relevant advantage of abandoned shopping cart management is an increase in conversions.  This could be email reminders and/or incentives enticing consumers to purchase.

3. Shipping promotions.  Free shipping or shipping discounts can increase your average order value (AOV).  According to Deloitte, 40% of customers will purchase more if they qualify for free shipping.

4. Incentives to sign up for newsletter or register an account.   Providing a point of contact for your site is a cost effective way to acquire new customers.  Get Elastic suggests an overlay or a social sign-up upon opening the site with an incentive such as a 20% discount on your first purchase if you create an account.  Make these call to actions stand out and easily accessible for your visitors.

5. Product customization.  Can it be customized?  Today’s consumer wants to personalize everything.  If your product can be customized then provide a responsive, user-friendly configurator.  If your product cannot be customized, then meet with your marketing team to see if you can offer this.  Customized products are a great way to differentiate your offerings from competitors, according to Forbes.

6. Security.  Don’t store those credit card numbers.  Some shoppers are apprehensive about using credit cards online (especially after data breaches like Target’s), so PCI compliance is crucial.  Give your customers peace of mind.

7. Customer reviews.  Let your customers’ voices be heard.  Reviews and product ratings are a necessity for online shopping.  “Product page visitors who interact with customer reviews convert at a 58% higher rate compared to those who do not,” according to a recent report cited on Internet Retailer.

8. Personalized shopping experience.  This could be anything from personalized ads to shopping habits.  Mobile personalization is also key, especially tailored content.  For example, if you click on a Facebook ad focused on running shoes and clicking takes you to a landing page with running products and promotions.  In this example, marketing activities are targeted to individuals’ lifestyles.

Don’t get carried away with the latest buzzwords.  First ensure that the basics of your eCommerce site are strong with search, navigation, product details, competitive pricing, affordable shipping rates, easy checkout process, order notifications, etc.  Establish the backbone of your site and then build its robustness with these features.

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