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Znode Multifront Receives Recognition From FinancesOnline.com

Znode Multifront has received the Rising Star Award for 2017 and Great User Experience Award in the area of online eCommerce software from FinancesOnline. Znode has also been listed on the site as one of the top 100 eCommerce software products.

The FinancesOnline experts took a close look at Znode Multifront and how the platform can be used by businesses in their eCommerce strategy. The review includes a list of features and functions contained within the platform, as well as an overview of the potential uses and benefits for eCommerce businesses that utilize it.  As stated in their review:

Znode Multifront lets you create tailored websites that are based on the unique characteristics of your brand, products, customers, and more. You can also launch micro-stores to complement or boost your promotional campaigns.

The freedom to customize is one of Znode Multifront’s greatest benefits. Featuring a very flexible .NET open code framework, you and your team of developers can effortlessly tweak and modify the system to better suit your needs and meet your unique business requirements.

According to their experts, Znode Multifront changes the way businesses do eCommerce with an integrated, centralized database that is so powerful and fully loaded that you can manage hundreds of online stores from a single location.

A team of experts from FinancesOnline work to examine hundreds of solutions and we are excited to be selected as one of the leading  eCommerce software solutions . Click here to read the complete review.

FinancesOnline is one of the fastest growing independent review platforms for B2B, SaaS and financial solutions. Their mission is to help business owners find the best solution or product to fit their needs and to provide vendors with an effective way to find potential clients.

Expand Your eCommerce Potential

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eCommerce Review

Znode on CMS Conencted Top .NET eCommerce Platforms

Recently, CMS Connected published an article highlighting the top .NET eCommerce platforms on the market today. And you guessed it – Znode Multifront made the list!

Their list took into consideration many factors when considering eCommerce platforms, including:

  • Budget
  • Time to Launch
  • In House Team
  • Security
  • Addons

In order to make the list, the following factors also had to be met:

  • ASP.NET technology based
  • Well-established reputation
  • Good balance of convenience and control
  • Mid-market budget
  • Clientele in the North American marketplace

What did they have to say about Znode Multifront?

Znode Multifront 9.0 is an all-in-one eCommerce platform that includes a fully integrated CMS, DAM, PIM, OMS and advanced search functions. The Znode solution is flexible enough for any business model – including single site, multisite and multi-tenant, using a single centralized integrated system.

The full article features an overview of of our capabilities and what stands us apart in the current .NET eCommerce marketplace. It also highlights another one of our key strengths – the fact that we are a headless eCommerce platform.

Another feature highlighted in the review is our flexible multi-store set up as a key differentiator in the market.

Whether you have multiple brands, product catalogs, or promotional microsites, Znode Multifront helps you deliver a comprehensive strategy through one single integrated system.

If you are interested in learning more about how Znode Multifront can benefit your business, do not hesitate to contact us to learn more.
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Retail eCommerce Solutions

Retail eCommerce is getting more complex. Online sales success requires more than just a single online store and a shopping cart.

In the highly competitive online sales arena where EVERYTHING is one click away, retailers absolutely must find a way to connect with consumers, to engage with them.

They have to find ways to be relevant to what the consumer is looking for at that moment. And a single online store is unlikely to do that.

With Multi Store eCommerce, Multifront is designed to allow retailers to easily and quickly create and manage multiple stores. Stores that can be segmented, targeted, and focused to individual niche markets and cater to what shoppers are looking for.

You can have different stores for..

different regions.
different seasons.
the latest trends.
unique product mix.

Just to name a few. You can tailor each store to whatever niche market you are trying to reach.

Nothing is relevant to every online shopper. Retailers who can provide a online experiences specific to different niches are more likely to engage that shopper and to make the sale.

There are many ways that retailers can take advantage of eCommerce if their systems are flexible enough. Znode designed Multifront to be flexible, fast, and affordable, all with the needs of retail sales in mind.

Distributor and Wholesaler eCommerce Solutions

Because of the unique position that wholesalers and distributors hold in the supply chain it has been difficult for many to launch successful eCommerce efforts.

The last thing that wholesalers and distributors want is to be seen as a direct competitor to their vendors. That’s why conventional eCommerce platforms simply don’t make sense for most wholesalers and distributors.

Multifront gives wholesalers and manufacturers an exciting range of eCommerce capabilities, including:

Vendor Managed eCommerce

Build online stores for vendors that match their own online store, but that you manage for them! This approach can dramatically increase your sales while reducing your vendors’ costs and tying them closer to you.

Distributed Agent eCommerce

Build online stores for your vendors or agents that can be controlled through a single admin. You control the message and branding while your agent controls what products are displayed based on preferences of their customers

Specialized Online Catalogs

You can create a custom store for vendors that will allow their buyers to see the selection of products and promotions targeted directly at them. These catalogs are created and managed by you, but can “live” inside your vendors own buying systems.

Regional Consumer Direct Stores Where You Don’t Have Vendor Relationships

You don’t want to create channel conflict or compete with your existing vendors, but it’s likely that there are a wide variety of regions where you could sell direct to consumers under a private label without competing with your vendors. This opens some remarkable online sales possibilities.

Online Franchising eCommerce

Develop online stores for your franchisees that they can control while maintaining the consistency of your brand. It provides you another powerful tool for acquiring customers online while delivering relevant and personalized experiences.

There are many ways that wholesalers and distributors can take advantage of eCommerce if their systems are flexible enough. Znode designed Multifront to be flexible, fast, and affordable, all with the needs of wholesalers and distributors in mind.
Channel Conflict

Manufacturer eCommerce Solutions: Channel Conflict

Channel conflict alone has kept many manufacturers out of online sales for fear of hurting current business relationships with their vendors. But that has also meant the loss of some remarkable opportunities to create and exploit some amazing new sales channels.

There are more options than you might realize

If a manufacturer only considers consumer direct online sales it’s clear that channel conflict can endanger existing vendor relationships. But direct sales are only one venue for manufacturer eCommerce. If you think about all the ways that your product can marketed, then a world of opportunities opens up. All without damaging existing relationships.

Options for manufacturer eCommerce include:

  • Specialty stores for specific vendor segments.
  • Regional and local language online catalogs for vendors.
  • Refurbished and closeout online stores.
  • Private label consumer direct sales.
  • And much more.

The online store is only one option for manufacturers. Multifront can open a world of potential for manufacturers. There are many ways that you can take advantage of eCommerce if your systems are flexible enough. Znode designed Multifront to be flexible, fast, and affordable, all with the needs of manufacturers in mind.

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