eCommerce Holiday Shopping 2015: How to Prepare

Now that it’s October, online retailers can start preparing for eCommerce holiday shopping 2015.  Every year the shopping window grows, with some deals even starting before Halloween.  To help your eCommerce business thrive this season, we’ve compiled our best tips for conquering online holiday shopping 2015.

  • Mobile ready.  As Practical Ecommerce notes, “having a responsive website is not a competitive advantage in 2015; it is a competitive requirement,” making is absolutely essential to have a mobile-ready store.  The same article also notes that 28% of last year’s eCommerce sales came from a mobile device.  67% of consumers are also using multiple devices for online shopping.

  • Abandoned cart management.  As of March 2015, abandoned carts increased 4.3% over two years, making it a great time to invest in an eCommerce platform to get these consumers to revisit your store.  Email reminders are a great way to entice shoppers to checkout, especially when the clock is ticking for holiday gifting.

  • Personalization.  Use content and recommendations to make the shopping experience more personal for your shoppers.  Consider offering personalized offers or deals through your eCommerce platform.  You want to capture those indecisive or unsure customers.  According to invesp, personalized recommendations help up to 45% of online shoppers make a transaction.

Keep in mind this is not an exhaustive list; these are trending topics in the eCommerce world, all of which will help your site meet consumers’ demands.

It’s crucial not just to upgrade your eCommerce store for online holiday shopping, but also to keep up with the times in general.  eCommerce is booming and this is not a fad or a trend.  Znode’s Multifront eCommerce platform can help you conquer the world of online shopping this holiday season and beyond.