and Amla Commerce form strategic partnership
, , , and Amla Commerce Announce Strategic Partnership

New strategic partnership will provide customers with a broader spectrum of ecommerce software solutions and services.


Des Plaines and Milwaukee – September 11, 2018 – Today,, an industry leader in website design, development, hosting and digital marketing and Amla Commerce, parent company to ecommerce software products Artifi Labs (“Artifi”) and Znode, announce a partnership to expand the portfolio of ecommerce products and services available to each company’s customer-base.


“The new partnership with Amla Commerce is a great benefit that complements our dedication to provide customers with the best possible ecommerce solutions.” said Jerry Boduch, director of strategic alliances at “Thoroughly evaluating ecommerce platforms so we can make recommendations best suited to each client is a critical component of our success. Adding Artifi Labs and Znode to the ecosystem of products we recommend adds tremendous value to the depth of our ecommerce implementation services.”


Boduch added, “Given our extensive experience implementing .NET ecommerce platforms, we’re particularly excited to add Znode to the list of products we’re now able to recommend to our clients.”


“We’re thrilled to partner with and combine their expert design, strategy, development, and hosting capabilities with our ecommerce software product offering,” says Tom Flierl, vice president of marketing and business development at Amla Commerce. “ has a history of successful ecommerce implementations and companies looking for a partner to assist with implementing Artifi and Znode will have a great option with”


About is an industry leader in website design, development, hosting and digital marketing—essentially a one-stop shop offering a full range of solutions for any organization looking to succeed in their online endeavors. With over 400 professionals, is a family owned, privately held company with a long history of profitability and stability. Since 1995, has completed more than 12,000 Web projects for nearly every type and size of organization in nearly every industry, including small companies, start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, professional sports teams, and manufacturers of niche products., Inc., founded in 1978, is based in Des Plaines, Illinois, with offices throughout the country including Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Ft. Lauderdale, and Washington D.C.


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Znode Finances Online Awards

Znode Multifront Receives Recognition From

Znode Multifront has received the Rising Star Award for 2017 and Great User Experience Award in the area of online eCommerce software from FinancesOnline. Znode has also been listed on the site as one of the top 100 eCommerce software products.

The FinancesOnline experts took a close look at Znode Multifront and how the platform can be used by businesses in their eCommerce strategy. The review includes a list of features and functions contained within the platform, as well as an overview of the potential uses and benefits for eCommerce businesses that utilize it.  As stated in their review:

Znode Multifront lets you create tailored websites that are based on the unique characteristics of your brand, products, customers, and more. You can also launch micro-stores to complement or boost your promotional campaigns.

The freedom to customize is one of Znode Multifront’s greatest benefits. Featuring a very flexible .NET open code framework, you and your team of developers can effortlessly tweak and modify the system to better suit your needs and meet your unique business requirements.

According to their experts, Znode Multifront changes the way businesses do eCommerce with an integrated, centralized database that is so powerful and fully loaded that you can manage hundreds of online stores from a single location.

A team of experts from FinancesOnline work to examine hundreds of solutions and we are excited to be selected as one of the leading  eCommerce software solutions . Click here to read the complete review.

FinancesOnline is one of the fastest growing independent review platforms for B2B, SaaS and financial solutions. Their mission is to help business owners find the best solution or product to fit their needs and to provide vendors with an effective way to find potential clients.

Expand Your eCommerce Potential

If you are interested in learning more about the Znode Multifront solution and how you can use it to streamline your eCommerce business, contact us to speak with a representative today.

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5 Company Outing Ideas

It’s winter and it’s cold in the midwest.  Here at Znode we’re thinking about warm weather, which means more company outings and time in the sun (when we finally get it)!  If your office needs some ideas for adventures outside the office (instead of the typical happy hour), look no further.

1. Baseball game.  It’s almost baseball season!  Take a look at your team’s schedule and pick an afternoon game.  Get tailgate ready with grilling supplies and spend a few hours at the ballpark because not everyone’s sport of choice is baseball…

2. Tough Mudder.  Spruce up that standard 5K!  I know, it seems crazy, but it’s fun with a team.  Those adventurous coworkers of yours should consider this competition.  You’ll also have to build up to this event, so it works as a long-term team exercise.  Plus, a fit office is a happy office, right?

3. Bowling.  We feel the winter blues in Milwaukee until May.  If your team needs an indoor outing, what better way to warm up than bowling?  You can make it a friendly competition with team if you have a big group.  This is also a great outing after hours if you don’t want to abandon the office for the afternoon.

4. Brewery tour.  In Milwaukee, we’ve got breweries everywhere.  Even if your city doesn’t have as many, scope out the best one (or maybe your team is into wine?).  It’s a fun spin on the traditional happy hour.  Take an afternoon and book a tour even if you have to make a special trip.  Of course, this outing is only appropriate for employees 21+.

5. Mini golf.  We actually have a miniature putting green at Znode, so golf is always on our minds!  Of course, nothing beats the joy of miniature golfing in summer air.  This is one of our favorite activities because it’s simple fun for everyone.  Maybe even rent some clubs and hit the driving range afterwards!

Here’s a bonus: office potluck.  It’s not a company outing, but it’s still a fun way to get to know your fellow co-workers.  Znode recently did a potluck before Thanksgiving and we had everything from chicken curry to chili to beer dip.  You’ll learn a little something about everyone.  Get to know your coworkers through the stomach!  Pick a Friday and have everyone bring in something for lunch.

In any case, get out of the office here and there.  At Znode, we value each other’s company because we feel more like a family when we have  some fun.

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8 Things You Might now About Multifront 8.0

In 2015 we released Multifront 8.0, with 8.1 following a few months later.  The new upgrades feature a plethora of new features, making the platform more robust than ever.  If you’re curious about upgrading your current eCommerce platform or looking to start fresh, familiarize yourself with a few facts about 8.1.

1. Full MVC framework.  Multifront is now built with MVC 5 and brings a lean, scalable eCommerce platform.  You’ll be able to reuse and maintain the same code, saving your development team a lot of time.

2. Redesigned admin.  Our fresh admin is fully responsive, making the user experience clean and user-friendly.  Work from the admin on any device–mobile, tablet, or computer.

3. Extension framework.  Third party plugins can now be developed by clients, partners, and independent developers.  Take your eCommerce functionality to the next level with this framework and fully reap the benefits of a customizable platform.

4. Single page checkout.  We’ve added the option for your customers to checkout on a single page.  You can still offer step-by-step checkout as well.  All of this is managed by the site administrator.

5. Quick order pad.  We’ve simplified the online shopping experience even further.  Your customers can use the quick order pad to add products directly to the shopping cart for a quick shopping experience.

6. Improved site admin.  In addition to a responsive layout, the back end features category tree browsing and visual reporting.  You’ll gain even more extensive insight about your eCommerce store.

7. New templates.  Our templates are implemented with best practices in mind for search, navigation, and conversion.  Don’t worry about meeting Google’s algorithm requirement.  Everything is fully responsive and mobile ready.

8. Abandoned cart management.  Are you struggling with customers shopping on your site but not completing the transaction?  Manage those abandoned carts with Multifront and see those conversions.

These upgrades will take your eCommerce platform to the next level of functionality.  You may even see a jump in your SEO with the mobile ready templates.  Visit our website to learn more or request a demo.


Announcing Multifront 7.1 with Znode Commerce Engine

The newest version of Multifront™ includes some very exciting updates to the ecommerce platform. A major focus has been placed on creating a new and improved open REST API, allowing for ultimate flexibility and scalability. Highlights of the latest Multifront release are:

Znode Commerce Engine for Sitecore

The Znode integration with Sitecore leverages the power of Multifront to act as an ecommerce engine behind Sitecore’s content management system. This engine serves up product catalogs, payment services, promotions, account information, price, inventory, and shopping cart functionality through API web services. The Znode integration allows Sitecore to consume these web services and present powerful content management, personalization, email campaigns and user analytics. Multifront also gives implementation partners and customers access to the ecommerce framework to make any adjustments or extensions needed.

  • Fully functional ecommerce capabilities for native Sitecore application.
  • A high performance data connector which is highly extensible, configurable, and scalable for synchronizing ecommerce data with Sitecore.
  • Extensive use of Providers and Pipelines gives customers the ability to extend the application beyond the out of the box integration.
  • Feel “at home” architecture for Sitecore developers.
  • Supports ecommerce Faceted Search.
  • Seamless integration with Sitecore Digital Management System via ecommerce Pipelines.
  • A strong platform independent RESTful API layer enables a highly scalable architecture. Znode and Sitecore can be load balanced separately.

New API 2.0

The new API is a completely open set of REST endpoints on which anything can be built. It includes rich querying and filtering capabilities that allow you to request as much or as little data as you need. The API is what makes Multifront a “headless engine” and plays a critical role for integrating with any back office system. Along with the improved provider engine, the API is the main point of extensibility for anything that needs built on top of the Multifront ecommerce platform.

  • 100% RESTful endpoints
  • Supports JSON format only
  • Built-in caching system
  • Built-in help documentation

Improved Provider Engine

The provider engine in Multifront has been vastly improved with a more consistent design across all provider types (promotions, shipping, suppliers, and taxes). You can now implement your own custom provider types outside of the platform itself, allowing you to extend functionality without having to modify core libraries, thus giving you a much cleaner upgrade path than ever before. Along with the shopping cart, the provider engine forms the heart of the Multifront platform and is the primary internal extensibility point.

  • Drop-in extensibility
  • Low barrier to entry
  • Easier upgrade path

Click to view the complete overview of enhancements and capabilities of our latest release…