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API Series: Guiding Tenets of the API

When we first started design discussions for version 2.0 of the Znode API, we talked about all kinds of things. What should the URLs look like? What technology should we use to build it? Should we support both JSON and XML or just one or the other? If based on REST, how far do we […]


Tips To Cheat Your Way To Endless Lives On Candy Crush

This 30-second technique could save yourself/ruin your daily life. As any Candy Crush addict understands, there’s nothing mo Re depressing that returning up from the countdown of disaster. Fear not. There’s another manner. All you have to do is follow these three easy steps… You have lost all of your lives. Again. And you have […]


API Series: Introducing the Znode API 2.0

Last week we announced the release of Multifront 7.1, the latest version of our .NET ecommerce platform, which continues to improve the overall experience for our customers. Multifront 7.1 includes a number of important enhancements and additions, such as multiple ship-to addresses, customer-based pricing, and an improved internal provider engine. But the most significant item […]


Announcing Multifront 7.1 with Znode Commerce Engine

The newest version of Multifront™ includes some very exciting updates to the ecommerce platform. A major focus has been placed on creating a new and improved open REST API, allowing for ultimate flexibility and scalability. Highlights of the latest Multifront release are: Znode Commerce Engine for Sitecore The Znode integration with Sitecore leverages the power […]

The Importance of eCommerce Loyalty Programs for Retailers

In today’s extremely competitive eCommerce industry, companies (retailers in particular) find it essential to remain connected to their customers. Currently, brand loyal customers spend 67% more on company websites than first time visitors. So the question is how do major retailers strive to retain current customers? Implementation of on-site ecommerce social loyalty programs. Companies typically […]