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API Series: Caching

Here at Znode, performance is always at the front of our brains. We sell an ecommerce platform, so the faster it performs, the better the bottom line is for people who build sites on top of it. Performance is basically Feature #1, as literally every single potential customer asks about it when evaluating our software. […]

API Series: Expands and Filters

Any API is really all about one thing: data. An API needs to accept data, do something with it, then give data back. For the consumer of an API, what happens in that middle part doesn’t matter. All they care about is that they sent the API some data to work with and the API […]


API Series: HTTP Methods and Status Codes

As previously discussed, we based our API on REST to fully embrace and utilize the power of HTTP. However, with this comes certain responsibilities; after all, HTTP dictates specifications and guidelines that should be adhered to in order to properly work with the protocol. Two such items are HTTP methods and status codes. The HTTP […]


API Series: All JSON, All The Time

In the previous post about our API we talked about why we decided on REST, and this post is about another decision point in API design: what format should you use for the data? In today’s world this means supporting XML or JSON or both, which is something that can spark a bit of a […]


API Series: Why REST?

When building a new API there are numerous decisions you’ll have to make along the way, but you could argue that none are more critical than the type of API you want to create. You have to take into consideration what kind of clients will consume the API, their technology stack, how they will connect […]