Announcing Multifront 7.1 with Znode Commerce Engine

The newest version of Multifront™ includes some very exciting updates to the ecommerce platform. A major focus has been placed on creating a new and improved open REST API, allowing for ultimate flexibility and scalability. Highlights of the latest Multifront release are:

Znode Commerce Engine for Sitecore

The Znode integration with Sitecore leverages the power of Multifront to act as an ecommerce engine behind Sitecore’s content management system. This engine serves up product catalogs, payment services, promotions, account information, price, inventory, and shopping cart functionality through API web services. The Znode integration allows Sitecore to consume these web services and present powerful content management, personalization, email campaigns and user analytics. Multifront also gives implementation partners and customers access to the ecommerce framework to make any adjustments or extensions needed.

  • Fully functional ecommerce capabilities for native Sitecore application.
  • A high performance data connector which is highly extensible, configurable, and scalable for synchronizing ecommerce data with Sitecore.
  • Extensive use of Providers and Pipelines gives customers the ability to extend the application beyond the out of the box integration.
  • Feel “at home” architecture for Sitecore developers.
  • Supports ecommerce Faceted Search.
  • Seamless integration with Sitecore Digital Management System via ecommerce Pipelines.
  • A strong platform independent RESTful API layer enables a highly scalable architecture. Znode and Sitecore can be load balanced separately.

New API 2.0

The new API is a completely open set of REST endpoints on which anything can be built. It includes rich querying and filtering capabilities that allow you to request as much or as little data as you need. The API is what makes Multifront a “headless engine” and plays a critical role for integrating with any back office system. Along with the improved provider engine, the API is the main point of extensibility for anything that needs built on top of the Multifront ecommerce platform.

  • 100% RESTful endpoints
  • Supports JSON format only
  • Built-in caching system
  • Built-in help documentation

Improved Provider Engine

The provider engine in Multifront has been vastly improved with a more consistent design across all provider types (promotions, shipping, suppliers, and taxes). You can now implement your own custom provider types outside of the platform itself, allowing you to extend functionality without having to modify core libraries, thus giving you a much cleaner upgrade path than ever before. Along with the shopping cart, the provider engine forms the heart of the Multifront platform and is the primary internal extensibility point.

  • Drop-in extensibility
  • Low barrier to entry
  • Easier upgrade path

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