Are your B2B clients happy with your online experience

Are your customers happy with your online experience? If you are like 44% of those who responded to a  recent survey (2017 B2B Digital Commerce Imperative), then they probably are not.

And when you are dealing in the B2B space, you could almost argue that that is more important than B2C.


Because there is a good chance they also know what it takes to business online. They may even have a storefront themselves. And they already have preconceived notions on how online commerce should work.

If your store doesn’t fit their idea of what online should be, then there is a good chance they will find someplace that does.

One of the worst things you can do is assume that since they are aware of the trials and tribulations that come with working on an online platform, that they may be more forgiving. If that thought has ever crossed your mind, then you may have rested on your laurels a tad when it comes to your customer relationships.

You should never take them for granted, no matter what space you are in. And with the convenience of online for B2B sales, it is just as important to keep that relationship healthy. If there is something in your pipeline that makes the sales process bumpy for your clients – change it.

Just like with B2C – the smoother the ride and the easier it is for them to do business with you means it’s also easier for them to do business with their customers.

If 44% of B2B customers are not happy with the online experience – then there is a huge opportunity for you to create a space that brings in people into one that will have them coming back again and again.

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customer experience matters

Customer Experience Matters

Customer-centric strategies have been used in traditional sales and marketing channels for decades, but there are still some customer experience practices that could be put into play in the ecommerce arena.

Advances in technology now have made it possible for online retailers to create shopping experiences that are centered on the individual shopper.

80% of shoppers say they will leave a website if they’re having a poor experience

If your online customers are not happy with your platform, it’s very easy for them to go somewhere else. That is why every second matters. Literally.  For an e-commerce site clearing $100,000 in daily sales, a one-second delay translates to $2.5 million in lost annual revenue.

Let’s repeat that so it sinks in.

$2.5 million in lost annual revenue.

Just because it took one extra second for your site to load.

A great on-site experience remembers the shopper’s name, where they are located, what they have purchased in the past, and products they have abandoned in the cart. It also intuitively recognizes what they are browsing for today. By using the data it collects over time, your eCommerce system can become your best salesperson.

You also need to have staff prepared to give your online customers the best experience they possibly can have  – if they ever need to contact you. Returns, questions or other issues can cause your customers to pick up the phone, and they need to know that the people on the other side of that line are willing to go above and beyond.

Seems Obvious – Right?

For any seasoned business owner, these things can seem very elementary. Of course, you need your customers to have a good experience – right? The difference is that what that experience changes almost just as fast as you can adapt. If you don’t have the tools in place, you may be missing out before you even realize it.

Looking to take your eCommerce solution to the next level and increase your customer experience? Contact Znode today and find out what we can (and will) do for you and your business.