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2016 eCommerce Trends

With 2015 coming to a close, it’s already time to start getting your eCommerce site ready for 2016.  Trends have come and gone, but the following are going to reign next year…and likely stay for good.

1. Mobile shopping.  We’ve said it time and time again: mobile shopping is as prevalent as shopping on a desktop or laptop.  Our culture now dictates mobile devices as a must-have item, making it a key component of eCommerce.  It should be noted that we’re not talking about mobile apps.  We’re talking about mobile sites.  A report from Kissmetrics found that 7 in 10 consumers would rather use a mobile website over an app.  The same report concluded that mobile phone users are the most valuable segment of customers because their conversion rate is so high.

2. Marketing automation.  You might be thinking email automation with this one, but it’s so much more!  Ventureburn notes that “customized landing pages, tailor-made discounts and promotions, easily accessible shopping carts, and automatic display of related recommended products for customers” fall in the realm of marketing automation as well.

3. Product customization.  You’ve probably been online recently and seen options to customize or personalize products.  This is a growing trend in B2B and B2C spaces because everyone wants their products tailored.  What’s better than designing exactly what you want?

4. User interface improvements.  No one wants to shop on a clunky eCommerce store.  Simplistic design and an easy check-out process will be king.  Practical Ecommerce also notes that striking photographs and videos will be popular in 2016.

Keep these trends in as we round out 2015.  eCommerce is booming in B2B and B2C spaces, so a look at upcoming trends will help keep your site relevant.  It’s a game to play –getting conversions– but it can be done with the right insight.