Znode Launches Multifront 8.0

Znode’s New .NET eCommerce Software Version Offers a Comprehensive Set of Upgrades for an Enriched eCommerce Experience


MILWAUKEE (May 28, 2015) – Znode, a provider of the eCommerce platform Multifront, launched version 8.0 today.  The anticipated release comes with a number of new features, including full .NET MVC 5 framework and a redesigned admin.  Multifront 8.0 kicks off a series of new updates to be released throughout the next year, with 8.0.1 due out this August.  The platform provides an enriched eCommerce experience for customers to garner the benefits of online shopping.

“With our last release of Multifront we moved towards an MVC framework,” explains Yash Shah, Chief Technology Officer at Znode.  “8.0 now finalizes that setup with MVC. Plus we’ve completely redesigned the admin to be fully responsive, just like the front-end of Multifront.”

Upgrades in Multifront 8.0 include:

  • Full .NET MVC 5 architecture for a leaner, more scalable eCommerce platform.  Cut down on development time with the ability to reuse and maintain the same code.
  • Redesigned admin brings an improved user experience and simplified operational flow.  This new design is responsive and will enable administrative functions via mobile and tablet devices.
  • Extension framework for third party plugins to be developed by clients, partners, and independent developers.  Plugins can be managed via the SiteAdmin.
  • Abandoned shopping cart management.  Increase conversions by motivating customers to recover abandoned carts.

Multifront 8.0 will be featured at IRCE (booth 768) this June and Shop.org Digital Summit (booth 742) this October.  You can also visit www.znode.com to download the Multifront 8.0 Product Sheet or call 888-755-5541 to schedule a product demonstration.  Discover relevant eCommerce with Znode.

About Znode:

Znode provides a leading .NET eCommerce platform, Multifront, which enables companies to fully customize and personalize the online shopping experience.  The highly scalable and flexible solution features rapid speed to market, full access to the source code, enterprise system integrations, and is adaptable to the unique requirements of B2B and B2B eCommerce.  The platform contains a comprehensive and robust feature set out of the box but truly differentiates in the ability to extend functionality, provide capability for multi-tenants, customize to unique requirements, and get to market quickly.  Learn more at www.znode.com.

On Microsoft Commerce? What is your next move now that it’s not supported?

On November 20, 2013 Microsoft Commerce Server was purchased by Sitecore, a leader in customer experience management software.  The migration, known as Sitecore Commerce Server, is a prevalent topic in the .NET sphere because it begs the question–what other .NET solutions can fill its shoes?

The migration means that Microsoft Commerce is not a feasible solution for its customers.  Thousands of companies are now looking for other .NET solutions that offer support following the migration.  In particular, a lack of support has been the key issue.  Microsoft stopped providing free support for Commerce Server on July 7, 2014 but will offer paid support until July 2019, according to its support page.  Limited support equates to limited service.  ZD.net reported that companies with “mission-critical workloads” will struggle due to lack of quality support.  Now, there is demand for a different .NET platform to combat this problem.

In Gartner’s analysis of the migration, it found that those companies on Legacy Microsoft Commerce with unique customizations will find the transition onerous, given the tailored nature of those platforms.

Companies are familiar with and have heavily invested in .NET framework.  Without technical support and future releases, Microsoft Commerce offers little value; it will become obsolete within the next few years.

Now, three options remain for companies at the center of the migration:

1. Do nothing

2. Buy support until 2019 and adjust platforms later

3. Look for a similar product to start the migration journey

Whatever option your company chooses, it will require careful analysis of .NET platforms.

If making the switch from Microsoft Commerce, find a platform that is customizable.  It makes sense to convert to another .NET platform that is supported and has future releases planned.  Znode Multifront™ is a viable solution if you’re looking to make an eCommerce solution change.  Just like with Microsoft Commerce, Znode will provide full access to the source code, allowing you to completely customize the entire software.  Visit our website to learn more and request a demo.