• Job Openings

    POSITION: Director, Business Development, MRRSoft MRR Soft is a cutting edge software technology company looking for the right person to take our growth business to the next level. Do you find yourself always selling?  Are you an entrepreneur at heart?  This could be the right position for you. We are looking to add a director [...]

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  • SEO links

    SEO Series: Links

    You’ve made it this far in our SEO blog series!  We admit that SEO is not the most glamorous topic to discuss, but it’s crucial for your eCommerce website.  Now, we’re diving into the importance of links in SEO.  Catch up on our last posts on keywords and content if you need a refresher; they’re [...]

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  • Content for SEO

    SEO Series: Content

    Our first post in our SEO series focused on keywords, the driving force.  You’ve done your keyword research and know what to do.  But now what?  It’s time to incorporate those keywords into your website content. Content marketing has two aspects: quantity and quality.  A rookie mistake is writing subpar blog posts with your keywords [...]

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  • Keywords

    SEO Series: Keywords

    SEO is relevant — it’s the game marketers must play.  There are numerous pieces to this game, so we’ll break it out in a series of posts.  Up first: keywords. Before you can tackle your SEO, you need to define your keywords — the connection between you and the customer.  What is your eCommerce store [...]

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  • Reasons for Cart Abandonment

    4 Reasons for Cart Abandonment

    You probably have a plethora of analytics for your eCommerce site.  What if you’re stuck in the situation of having a high volume of traffic but few conversions (check outs)?  It’s likely due to abandoned carts.  Here are a few reasons why those customers might not be buying and how you can get them to [...]

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  • Company Outings

    5 Company Outing Ideas

    It’s winter and it’s cold in the midwest.  Here at Znode we’re thinking about warm weather, which means more company outings and time in the sun (when we finally get it)!  If your office needs some ideas for adventures outside the office (instead of the typical happy hour), look no further. 1. Baseball game.  It’s [...]

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  • Multifront 8.0

    8 Things You Might now About Multifront 8.0

    In 2015 we released Multifront 8.0, with 8.1 following a few months later.  The new upgrades feature a plethora of new features, making the platform more robust than ever.  If you’re curious about upgrading your current eCommerce platform or looking to start fresh, familiarize yourself with a few facts about 8.1. 1. Full MVC framework. [...]

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